Any successful process begins with a plan. The ability to build and follow targeted workflow guidelines set up to reduce time, increase the amount of relevant data and produce the highest quality results is essential. RBS Computer Forensics, can work with investigators and security personnel to identify and target sources of evidence, gain an understanding of the case and apply the proper Computer Forensic Procedures.


The acquisition process ranges from complete forensic disk imaging to gathering information from sources (like servers) in a manner consistent with the Best Practices of the Computer Forensic Guidelines, thus ensuring proper chain of custody and admissibility.


RBS Computer Forensics, has years of experience in data recovery and acquisition. The ability to go beyond the capabilities of Computer Forensic Software Tools and design processes which yield exceptional results while maintain forensic soundness is critical to making cases. Understand where to look in the complex environments of corporate networks and to work as unobtrusively as possible as not interrupt the flow of business or create a burden is where experience sets RBS Computer Forensics, apart from other companies. RBS Computer Forensics, knows where to look, what to ask and how to extract data from desktop and laptop PC’s to complicated mail and financial systems.


Even the smallest Hard Disk Drives contain tens of thousands of files. RBS Computer Forensics, uses state of the art techniques and tools to minimize the amount of data while yielding exemplary results. Our clients agree, “the results are of the highest relevant value and handled in the shortest possible time”. “RBS Computer Forensics, has the capability to handle massive amounts of data and turn results around fast”. Having a deep understanding of the underlying technologies makes finding “the smoking gun” in the least likely places is our specialty.


Once the analysis is completed presenting an understandable, defendable and complete report is key. Our clients find the evidentiary packages produced by RBS Computer Forensics, completed, easy to understand and explained in precise detail. The addition of relationship charts, entity explanations, timelines, histories and mail thread analysis gives our clients a clear understanding of the issue and its players.

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