Case Studies

Case #1

A Regional Manager of a Fortune 500 company left his present employer to begin work with a competitor company. The legal department of the Fortune 500 Company retained the services of RBS Computer Forensics requesting a complete computer forensic analysis be performed on the manager's company equipment.

Analysis discovered that the employee had emailed company files from his workplace desktop to his workplace blackberry. This of course would be normal in the course of business; however a further search of the workplace blackberry showed that the files were then forwarded to the employee's personal email address. It was also discovered that the manager had attached an iPod to his company computer and transferred company files to his iPod. After a complete forensic examination of the manager's laptop and cell phone it was determined that the employee did in fact take digital files that contained proprietary company information and subsequently passed these files to his new employer. During the examination, correspondence was discovered between the manager and his new employer requesting legal assistance should his old employer exercise one of the clauses in his non-compete/non-disclosure contract. 

Upon the review of the information obtained by RBS Computer Forensics, the former employer was able to sue the new employer for the information that was obtained by the former employee. The former employers were also able to analyze the possible loss of business clients from their client list being taken by the ex-employee

Case #2

The owner of a family run business suspected his son of embezzling money. RBS Computer Forensics was retained to perform complete computer forensic analysis on the son's computer. The investigation not only confirmed that the son was embezzling money, but also identified the son's plans for developing a service that would be in direct competition to the family business. Inappropriate computer usage was discovered. 

With this information the owner was able to approach his son. All funds and client records were recovered without incident.

Case #3

RBS Computer Forensics was contacted by a software company to look into the activities of one of their vice presidents. There was a concern regarding the vice president's actions while he was away on business representing his company. A thorough examination was conducted of the vice president's desktop computer and 3 cell phones, which revealed that the vice president had a substance abuse issue. Though the cell phone usage, RBS Computer Forensics was able to place the vice president in different parts of the world when he was telling his board members that he was somewhere else. Analysis determined the vice president was using his company's name and reputation to assist him in certain personal gains. This violated the company's policy, as it put the company's reputation in a negative light. As a result of the information obtained, by the forensic analysis, the vice president was fired from his position.

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